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Isla's New Drum Cover Page

In Isla's New Drum, Isla has been given a new drum that she loves dearly but doesn't have a song to sing with her new drum. Isla decides to ask some forest friends to help her make a new song. Each friend offers Isla what they can, showing true generosity. Each friend also offers a message that is important to keeping Mother Earth healthy and strong. In return, Isla plays her drum for each friend as she gives back what she can. Isla discovers so much more than her new song. 

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Isla Plays Her Drum

Isla begins her journey into the forest to meet and chat with her forest friends. Mr. Tree offers Isla some shade instead of helping with her new drum song, but Isla is happy to enjoy the shade of Mr. Tree just the same. 

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Carrier Dakelh Words

On each page of  Isla's New Drum there are Carrier Dakelh words as well as their English translations. The Carrier Dakelh words included in this book were referenced rom The Central Carrier Bilingual Dictionary. The Carrier Dakelh language belongs to the Athapaskan language family and has three major dialects: Northern -Babine Lake (near Burns Lake BC), Central - Stuart Lake (near Fort St James BC) and Southern - locations as far south as Anahim Lake BC. 

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